PrintMark II™ Print-Receptive Engraving & Laserable Material

For Millennium Printers

PrintMark™ II

PrintMark™ II is comprised of a modified acrylic resin similar to those found in the Rowmark® Lasermark, Laquer and Flexibrass lines. It is available in .020" (0.5mm) and .052" (1.3mm) gauge. It has been fully tested for use in the DCS line of printers for both full-color and monochrome applications.

Suggested fabrication methods include laser engraving and profiling, rotary engraving, rotary profiling, saw cutting, shear cutting and beveling. Heat press sublimation is not recommended. All adhesives applied to this line have a special adhesive with a non-slip liner. If applying your own adhesive, please ensure that you have similar characteristics or you could encounter printing problems. NOTE: Black PM II products are recommended for monochrome ribbon applications only!

PrintMark™ Print-Receptive Engraving Material is also available. Please contact us for custom-cut blanks, or if you require adhesive on any side.

PrintMark II Features:

  • Acrylic resin
  • Allows laser engraving and profiling
  • Allows rotary engraving and profiling
  • Allows saw and shear cutting

PrintMark II Options:

  • Adhesive with non slip liner
  • Custom sizes available – call for a quote
  • PrintMark II Color Samples

    PM II .020" (0.5mm) Full Sheets: 24" x 48" (609mm x 1219mm)

    Item # Description
    PM-221003.020" (0.5mm) gauge – White
    PM-2210037.020" (0.5mm) gauge – White with adhesive
    PM-421003.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Black
    PM-4210037.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Black with adhesive
    PM-602354.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-6023547.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black with adhesive
    PM-602734.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black
    PM-6027347.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black with adhesive

    PM II .020" (0.5mm) Quarter Sheets: 12" x 24" (304mm x 609mm)

    Item # Description
    PM-221003Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – White
    PM-2210037Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – White with adhesive
    PM-421003Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Black
    PM-4210037Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Black with adhesive
    PM-602354Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-6023547Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black with adhesive
    PM-602734Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black
    PM-6027347Q.020" (0.5mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black with adhesive

    PM II .052" - .060" (1.3mm) Full Sheets: 24" x 48" (609mm x 1219mm)

    Item # Description
    PM-231010.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White
    PM-431007.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Black
    PM-822234.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Black
    PM-822235.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PM-822246.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Red
    PM-922354.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-922734.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black
    PM-922754.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Euro Gold/Black

    PM II .052" - .060" (1.3mm) Quarter Sheets: 12" x 24" (304mm x 609mm)

    Item # Description
    PM-231010Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White
    PM-431007Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Black
    PM-822234Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Black
    PM-822235Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PM-822246Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Red
    PM-922354Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-922734Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black
    PM-922754Q.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Euro Gold/Black

    PM II 8" x 12" Sheets (203mm x 304mm)

    Item # Description
    PR-231010-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White
    PR-431007-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Mono Black
    PR-822234-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Black
    PR-822235-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PR-822246-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – White/Red
    PR-922354-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PR-922734-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Brushed Gold/Black
    PR-922754-12.052" (1.3mm) gauge – Euro Gold/Black

    DCS also offers precut PrintMark II desk plate and badge blanks.