PrintMark™ Print-Receptive Engraving Material Sheets

For Millennium Printers


PrintMark™ has a gloss finish and contains an acrylic cap and an ABS core, similar to that contained in the Rowmark® Satins and New Hermes® Gravoply 1. It is available in the .060" (1.5mm) gauge for use in interior signage, industrial marking and personal identification applications. PrintMark I has been fully tested for use in DCS Printers for both full-color and monochrome applications.

Suggested fabrication methods include rotary engraving, rotary profiling, saw cutting, shear cutting and beveling. Laser engraving and profiling, heat press sublimation and score/snapping processes are not recommended.

PrintMark II™ Print-Receptive Engraving and Laserable Material is also available. Please contact us for custom-cut blanks, or if you require adhesive on any side.

PrintMark I Features:

  • Acrylic cap
  • ABS core
  • Allows rotary engraving and profiling
  • Allows saw cutting, shear cutting and beveling

PrintMark I Options:

  • Custom sizes available – call for a quote
  • PrintMark I Color Samples

    PM I Full Sheets: 24" x 48" (609mm x 1219mm)

    Code Description
    PM-122234.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Black
    PM-122235.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PM-122239.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Green
    PM-122246.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Red
    PM-122402.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Black/White
    PM-122512.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Blue/White
    PM-122602.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Red/White
    PM-122854.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Almond/Black
    PM-123222.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Monolithic White
    PM-322354.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-322754.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed EuroGold/Black

    PM I Quarter Sheets: 12" x 24" (304mm x 609mm)

    Code Description
    PM-122234Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Black
    PM-122235Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PM-122239Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Green
    PM-122246Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Red
    PM-122402Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Black/White
    PM-122512Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Blue/White
    PM-122602Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Red/White
    PM-122854Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Almond/Black
    PM-123222Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Monolithic White
    PM-322354Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PM-322754Q.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed EuroGold/Black

    PM I Sheets: 8" x 12" (203mm x 304mm)

    Code Description
    PR-122234-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Black
    PR-122235-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Blue
    PR-122239-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Green
    PR-122246-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – White/Red
    PR-122402-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Black/White
    PR-122512-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Blue/White
    PR-122602-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Red/White
    PR-122854-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Almond/Black
    PR-123222-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Monolithic White
    PR-322354-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed Aluminum/Black
    PR-322754-12.060" (1.5mm) gauge – Brushed EuroGold/Black

    DCS also offers precut PrintMark desk plate and badge blanks.