Marketing Materials and Sales Aides

For Millennium Printers

Direct Mail PiecesDirect Mail Pieces

A high-end fold out brochure that features all application types from a Millennium printer. Brochure folds out 6 times to a final size of 8" x 24" (203mm x 609mm). White panel on back allows for retailer's address stamp. Fits into a standard #10 envelope. DCS also has a sample card to match the application brochure. This card comes with or without a 1.5" x 3" (38mm x 76mm) sample. Card fits in a standard #10 envelope.

Code Description
MK-APPSFold-Out Applications Brochures for Millennium series
MK-RMS0Retail Mail Piece NO samples
MK-RMS1Retail Mail Piece with 1 - 1.5" x 3" (38mm x 76mm) Sample

Millennium Sample BoardSample Boards

Economical point-of-purchase display. Constructed of cardboard with built-in stand. Available with or without samples.

Code Description
MK-CBPOPNSCardboard POP NO Samples
MK-CBPOPCardboard POP WITH Samples

Millennium Sample FolioSample Folios

Mini Sample folios containing many product samples produced from the Millennium printer line.

Code Description
MK-FOLIOTri-Fold with Samples only

Millennium Sample Swatch BookSample "Swatch" Books

The Millennium "Swatch Book" is a sample book with all the various blanks and substrates available for the Millennium Printer along with the product codes.

Code Description
MK-SWATCHMillennium Substrate Swatch Book

Millennium Sample Badge Frame BookSample "Badge Frame" Books

The "Badge Frame Book" is a book with all of the badge frames available from DCS as well as badge accessories.

Code Description
MK-FRAMESSample Badge Frame Book