Thermal Printer Cleaning Supplies

For Millennium Series Printers

Millennium Printer Cleaning KitMillennium Printer Cleaning Kit

This kit contains four (4) 100% isopropyl pens for head cleaning, fifty (50) 100% isopropyl pads soaked for internal equipment cleaning and fifty (50) adhesive-backed cards for roller cleaning.

Code Description
AC-81518Printer Cleaning Kit

Millennium Roller Cleaning Supplies

Roller Cleaning Supplies

Millennium Cleaning Strips. These are double-sided cleaning strips for roller cleaning. They are shipped 50 to a pack. Millennium Cleaning Rollers. For the Millennium 700 series only.

Code Description
AC-Clean 700138Cleaning Strips - 50 per package
AC-700-086004Cleaning Rollers - 10 per box

Alcohol WipesAlcohol Wipes

99% pure isopropyl soaked alcohol wipes for cleaning of mechanical parts. 100 wipes come in a handy canister dispenser. For use in all of the DCS printers, including Direct Jet.

Code Description
AC-99% IPA WIPESPack of 100 99% IPA Wipes