Pre-Cut Print-Receptive Coated Metal Blanks

For Millennium Printers and 12-24 Printers

Print-Receptive Metal Blanks

These .023" (0.6mm) Aluminum and .019" (0.5mm) Brass blanks are print receptive for use with DCS's Millennium Series printers. The metals are coated with a print-receptive plastic layer that also cushions the print head during printing. Please contact us for recommended fabrication techniques for this product.

Cut pieces are in packages of 50 and boxed in quantities of 200.

Warning: Printing on the wrong side of this material can cause print head damage that will not be covered under warranty.

Please contact us for custom-cut blanks, or if you require adhesive on any side.

2" x 8" (51mm x 203mm) Printable Metal Desk Plates

Code Description
MT-00-06.023" (0.6mm) gauge – White Aluminum
MT-05-06.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Gold Aluminum
MT-06-06.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Silver Aluminum
MT-23-06.019" (0.5mm) gauge – Gold Satin Brass

CR80 2.125" x 3.375" (54mm x 86mm) Metal Blanks with Square Corners

Code Description
MT-00-04.023" (0.6mm) gauge – White Aluminum
MT-05-04.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Gold Aluminum
MT-06-04.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Silver Aluminum
MT-23-04.019" (0.5mm) gauge – Gold Satin Brass

1.5" x 3" (38mm x 76mm) Pre-Cut Metal Blanks with Radius Corners

Code Description
MT-00-02.023" (0.6mm) gauge – White Aluminum
MT-05-02.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Gold Aluminum
MT-06-02.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Silver Aluminum
MT-23-02.019" (0.5mm) gauge – Gold Satin Brass

1" x 3" (25mm x 76mm) Pre-Cut Metal Blanks with Radius Corners

Code Description
MT-00-01.023" (0.6mm) gauge – White Aluminum
MT-05-01.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Gold Aluminum
MT-06-01.023" (0.6mm) gauge – Brushed Silver Aluminum
MT-23-01.019" (0.5mm) gauge – Gold Satin Brass

DCS also offers printable metal sheet stock.