.030" (0.8mm) PVC Pre-Sized Badge Blanks

OPTIMA Line for Millennium Printers

.030" PVC Precut Badge Blanks

These .030" (0.8mm) PVC blanks are pre-sized and can be sheared, stamped or profiled after printing to create custom shapes. Sold in quantities of 100 blanks/pack and boxed 500 blanks per box. Please note that Tan and Grey cards are flood-coated products with color on the front side and white on the back.

Do not laser cut this material.

DCS can also supply you with .060" (1.5mm) PVC blanks and PVC sheet stock. Please contact us for custom-cut blanks, or if you require adhesive on any side.

PVC Blank Color Samples

CR80 2.125" x 3.375" PVC Blanks (54mm x 86mm)

Use with Badge Holders.

Code Description
PV-030-00-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – White
PV-030-02-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Yellow
PV-030-04-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Grey/White
PV-030-05-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Gold
PV-030-06-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Silver
PV-030-07-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Black
PV-030-11-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Light Blue
PV-030-12-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Red
PV-030-13-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Dark Green
PV-030-14-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Hospital Blue
PV-030-16-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Orange
PV-030-21-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Bronze
PV-030-22-04-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Cranberry
PV-030-SMP-04-1All CR80 Colored Blanks on Key Chain

2.5" x 3.7" PVC Blanks (64mm x 94mm)

Use with Badge Holders.

Code Description
PV-030-00-05-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – White

2" x 3" PVC Blanks (51mm x 76mm)

Use with Badge Holders.

Code Description
PV-030-00-03-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – White
PV-030-05-03-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Gold
PV-030-06-03-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Silver

1.5" x 3" PVC Blanks (38mm x 76mm)

Use with Badge Holders.

Code Description
PV-030-00-02-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – White
PV-030-05-02-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Gold
PV-030-06-02-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Silver

1" x 3" PVC Blanks (25mm x 76mm)

Use with Badge Holders.

Code Description
PV-030-00-01-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – White
PV-030-05-01-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Gold
PV-030-06-01-1.030" (0.8mm) gauge OPTIMA – Silver

2-UP 2-7/8" x 1-1/16" PVC Blanks (73mm x 27mm)

Each part includes 2 nametags with .125" (3mm) radius corners. These tags snap apart after printing on one pass. Use with Badge Holders BH-030-05-14-I or BH 030-06-14-1-I.

Code Description
PV-030-00-14-22 UP .030" (0.8mm) gauge – White Nametags
PV-030-05-14-22 UP .030" (0.8mm) gauge – Gold Nametags
PV-030-06-14-22 UP .030" (0.8mm) gauge – Silver Nametags

DCS also offers printable PVC sheet stock.