Success Stories

Community Controls

DCS is happy to feature a unique customer of ours: Community Controls of Salt Lake City, Utah. Community Controls is a wholesale supplier of garage door and gate remotes and transmitters.

Digital Print Manager Tracey Peterson explains the decisions that led Community Controls to begin working with Direct Color Systems five months ago. "We chose DCS over their competitors due to our quality requirements. We needed a machine that would allow us to print on a large variety of object sizes in order to brand all of our controlled entry technology."

The DCS Direct Jet 1024UV fit the bill. "We use our machine primarily for branding of our gate and door access products, but also for awards, gifts and trade show giveaway items. We've also been able to utilize it in other ways for some of our clients, who have asked us to print wedding invitations, golf balls and christmas ornaments.

"The biggest benefits of working with DCS have been their honesty in pricing, installation and functionality of the machine; the speedy help we've received whenever we've needed it; and the fact that the machine puts out top-end quality prints for less than competing machines. TSS Tom Keyes has been an amazing resource for us, and I want to thank him here, as well."

Tracey Peterson, Digital Print Manager

Community Controls

Salt Lake City, UT

John Mancini of J & G Enterprises became a DCS customer 14 years ago, when he purchased a 590 model used to print products for police departments. He eventually replaced this with a Millennium 770 Badge & Plate Printer, which provided several more years of faithful service. John recently visited the DCS facility to purchase another 770, when he learned about the Direct Jet 1024UV and its capabilities.

"I was floored by what it could do," John says. "I went back to my office and brainstormed to see what new items I could bring into my business with that machine. I came up with an idea that would replace one of our existing products that we currently laser-etch. After about 2 months of the new product being available, my sales doubled – and it looks like it's just the start."

John now manufactures items on the Millennium 770 and Direct Jet 1024UV. "The fit is absolutely perfect," he says. "Plus the 1024 gives me so much more flexibility there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not trying something new on it."

When asked why he has continued to stick with DCS products, John replied "I definitely think it's the service and the quality of the machine. Let's face it: there are plenty of manufacturers out there, but what good is it if the machines do not perform the way they are expected, or if you get the run-around when you have a problem? I have numerous machines in my shop, and every machine manufacturer promises the world. The 1024UV was the first machine I ever bought that does everything it's suppose to and more. The fact that I have dealt with DCS for so long made it very easy to purchase another machine from them."

"Everything is expensive in today's economy, and if you don't have a company that will back its product up, you are just throwing money away. If you're investing in a machine, you're also investing in the company that manufactures the machine – you had better make sure that you trust that company, because your business depends on it. Every machine will break eventually; the question is, 'how fast can I get it back working?' I guarantee I'm not the easiest person to deal with when things are not running smoothly. DCS understands that, and provides me with the service I need."

John Mancini

J & G Enterprises

Nutley, NJ


For more than 50 years, Thermoflan (based in Le Vigan, France) has specialized in the manufacture and sale of marking equipment. Jean Luc Moureau, General Manager recently spoke with us about their business.

"When addressing our customers' marking needs, we must account for considerations such as substrate, print size, quantity, number of colors and output resolution. Based on these requirements, we determine the best technique and recommend appropriate equipment. In the past, our offerings have included laser engravers, pad printing machines, doming equipment and sign making equipment. UV printers recently emerged as a logical addition to our product range. UV printers are typically used in customizing items such as gifts and USB keys, in addition to industrial applications such as labels, panel fronts and nameplates.

"We already knew DCS as a leading company in the digital flatbed printer business, and we decided to investigate their new line of Direct Jet UV printers four months ago. After contacting them, we became convinced of their product availability and reliability.

"We now sell the Direct Jet 1014 and 1024 UV printers, as well as the Flex33. These printers have become a natural complement to our offerings. They produce high-quality images with sharp details, and white ink widens the range of possible applications. Thanks to their reliability, we confidently offer these machines to our customers. We have the opportunity to resell other brands, but continue to stick by the DCS UV line for its ink flexibility, industry-leading Z-axis and printer dimensions. We are proud to distribute DCS machines in our country."

Jean Luc Moureau, General Manager


DCS Dealer

Le Vigan, France

SilvaBlac International, Ltd

Paul Wamwea, Director of Marketing at SilvaBlac International, LTD (Nairobi, Kenya), learned about DCS printers through his network of business associates last year. Seeing that DCS printers would offer a complete product solution to the promotions and advertising needs of his market, Paul signed on as a DCS distributor. SilvaBlac International now offers its customers all printer models from the DCS product line.

SilvaBlac's customers commonly use DCS printers for wood crafts and ABS promotional products, including gift items. Paul says that his customers value the DCS printers' flexibility in printing on varied substrates, directly and without pre-treatment. Consistent print quality is also a major plus.

"Flexibility in production capabilities and consistent quality have been a familiar story told by our customers," Paul says. "DCS printers are dependable additions to their inventory and have proven to be a good return on their investment. Our customers look forward to future upgrades on the Direct Jet UV and solvent models."

Paul Wamwea, Director of Marketing

SilvaBlac International, Ltd

DCS Dealer


Direct Jet UV

Aaron Kushner's company imprints custom products designed by customers online. Aaron recently decided to purchase a Direct Jet 1014UV printer to help expand his production capabilities. Aaron says, "Because every order is unique, often with multiple designs within each order, the DCS printer is the perfect way to efficiently create a high volume of high-quality prints – each with a different design.

"I chose DCS based on the capability of their printers, and I saw a great opportunity to modernize my production methods while cutting production time per order in half. Using vinyl as my production method for the last two years, I decided to seek out a more efficient imprint technology that would enable me to deliver higher quality products to my customers and streamline my production process.

"The DCS printer was the perfect fit for me, because it provided a straightforward approach to imprinting custom products, produced a much higher quality print than I was capable of previously, and helped me simplify my production from a 5-step process per order to essentially a one-step process. The printer allows us to create a large number of prints every day, each with a unique design – a nightmare for screen printing, and very time consuming to do in vinyl. Other methods such as sublimation were also considered as a replacement to vinyl, but it would have limited our product selection to only a few items. The DCS printer allows us to print on a large variety of substrates, which was a key feature for us.

"The daily stress level of time-intensive production processes has been replaced by a confidence that we can complete our workload faster, and with less steps. Because our production has been streamlined, more time can be allotted to product and website development rather than a constant need to monitor and keep up with incoming orders.

"The support that DCS has provided with my machine has been fantastic. The 1014UV was the largest single investment my company has made in its three-year history, but we were at a point of needing a solution to our production issues. Purchasing our printer from DCS was the best risk we could have taken, as they've stood by their product with unending support and a real desire to ensure that their customers are continually happy with their printers."

Aaron Kushner

Engraving Systems Support, Inc. (ESS) is a full-service distributor and service center for laser engravers, cutters and marking systems. We are delighted to share that ESS has recently added our new Direct Jet UV printers to their product lineup. ESS representative Buddy Jones spoke with us about the new partnership.

"We have known of DCS for many years and have always been interested in color printing," Buddy says. "When we had an opportunity to get familiar with the UV Printer, we knew immediately that it would be the best solution for many of our existing customers and for new prospects."

A couple of months ago, ESS decided to begin offering the 1024UV and 1014UV printers. So far, the response has been promising.

"We have prospects for these printers ranging from name badges, awards and ad specialties to industrial tags and electrical panels. The quality of the printed image at the DCS price point are the main benefits that get our prospects excited over the competition.

"The DCS UV printer provides a reasonably priced solution for existing customers and new prospects alike, and gives our sales people a new and exciting product to offer. Our sales people are using the new equipment to interact with prospects to learn more about the economy and other challenges as they relate to their individual businesses."

Engraving Systems Support, Inc. (ESS)

DCS Dealer

Dade City, FL

Trophies Plus

Trophies Plus is a supplier of custom recognition products, located in Templeton, Iowa. For over 25 years, Trophies Plus has supplied customers worldwide with chenille letters, trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons and awards. When owner Jim Jensen decided to look into ways to achieve more vibrant, full-color prints, he discovered the Direct Jet 1324 – the perfect solution to improve his full-color product offering.

"We had been sublimating for years, but after seeing the new technology that Direct Color could provide we were confident that we could take what we were doing on plaques, acrylics and other color items to a whole new level," Jim says.

"We are using the Direct Jet 1324 primarily to produce full-color plaques for school awards. We have started to move into the corporate award line, and we are using the machine to add color to these awards. The increased quality of colors and photos is something we could never get with sublimation. Photos and colors done on the DCS machine are amazing.

"We have been thrilled with the service that has been provided by Dave Pitzen and Tom Keyes of DCS. When we bought the machine, they were here to train us on it and provide samples, and they have been in constant communication with us to make sure that all is running well with the machine as we go through the learning process."

Jim Jensen, Owner

Trophies Plus

Templeton, IA

E&J Specialties, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of name badges and custom promotional products. E&J representative Bonnie Warren remembers when their family business purchased their first Direct Color Systems printer about 15 years ago.

"My father started the company in 1963, and since that time we've grown to supply identification badges to 90% of the United States pharmaceutical industry. For many years we stamped badges with hot foil. About 15 years ago, we decided to modernize our badge-making process with a Millennium badge printer from Direct Color, and we haven't looked back."

Though Bonnie speaks highly of the traditional foil stamping process, she is quick to point out that the Millennium is faster and produces clearer, crisper badges. Happy with their Millennium's many years of service, E&J has recently decided to purchase a new DCS printer to improve the other half of their business: promotional products.

"My husband visited the Direct Color Systems facility last month and was thoroughly impressed with the new Direct Jet UV printer line. We decided to purchase a UV printer and are excited to begin using it. We have always received excellent support from Blair, Bill and the whole team, and we're confident this printer will be a great addition."

We at DCS look forward to supporting E&J as they approach 50 successful years in business!

Bonnie Warren

E&J Specialties, Inc.

Rapid City, SD

CSI Manufacturing Limited specializes in the supply, service and support of laser engraving machines for the UK market. Matt Kirwan, Managing Director at CSI, took a moment to speak about his experiences with DCS.

After hearing about the Direct Color Systems line from Don D'Antonio, President of Innovative Plastics, Inc. last summer, Kirwan quickly recognized DCS printers as a natural complement to their primary line of Epilog Laser Engravers. CSI has since sold two DCS printers, and they are optimistic about the budding business relationship.

"Since our main market is promotional goods, we are keen to develop industrial applications, particularly with aluminum. The new UV range of printers has price competitiveness. With just two units sold to date I'm reluctant to make a general statement, but certainly the indications are that this is a profitable line to sell, and the quality of the output lends towards a profitable end product. The support that Rui has given to date has been superb. Epilog Laser have given great support throughout 8 great years, and I sense the same quality of support is there from DCS."

Matt Kirwan, Managing Director

CSI Manufacturing Limited

DCS Dealer

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Custom printed flash drives from Pexagon Technology

Pexagon has created custom flash drives, hard drives, smart phone cases and other "digital lifestyle products" since 2007. Until recently, most of our products were laser engraved, but we saw great potential growth in being able to provide our customers with high-quality, full-color prints on their custom and promotional products.

We initially purchased a low-cost direct-to-product color printer to test at our China offices. We quickly discovered issues with how the print heads and inks worked together, and tech support was nonexistent. If it doesn't work – and work reliably – it doesn't matter how low cost something was to begin with.

After studying other potential suppliers, we felt that DCS offered the best mix of product line, emerging technology, hands-on knowledge and customer support. We purchased our Direct Jet 1309 about a year ago, and we have been very pleased with the support and advice we have received ever since. The accessibility of DCS's upper management is impressive. They are very actively involved in day-to-day operations, and they work closely with us to ensure that we end up with the best products for our particular applications. We also appreciate DCS's willingness to provide us with sample prints that allow us to demonstrate our products' quality and durability to potential customers.

Armed with our DCS printer, we've launched our "Direct Color Products" line of flash drives, offering full-color customization with low minimums (25 units) and a 48-hour turn time. The Direct Jet has also allowed us to introduce new products and services, including custom color printing on items like gift boxes and USB web keys. In some cases, we are receiving and delivering on orders we would not be able to close otherwise. Pexagon is now working with DCS on new and innovative applications built around their latest technology.

Brian Campbell, President

Pexagon Technology, Inc.

Branford, CT

HMH Australia

The Harper family has worked with DCS since the very beginning. In fact, we were their first international distributor outside of North America when our company was called the Australia/New Zealand Distributorship. The addition of DCS printers to a product line that already featured engraving, laser and routing machines introduced our customers to the world of colour.

Our company's relationship with DCS started with the early Badger and Millennium 575x badge printers. As HMH Australia has grown into one the region's leaders in the awards, recognition and engraving industries, we have come to sell the Millennium 700 Series of name badge printers, Direct Jet inkjet printers and Flex33 vinyl printer. The Direct Jet and Flex33 have diversified both our customer base and our end-user production lines. Our customers are now comfortably adding full-colour images to acrylic trophies and other award plaques, and these new technologies have allowed HMH Australia to expand into the signage and promotional industries with the ability to print full-colour images onto binding products, interior signage, wall plates, pens and much more.

Bill and Blair Allen and the entire DCS team are true professionals and a pleasure to continually deal with. We can also proudly say that over the years the Harpers and the Allens have grown to become very good friends. We have been there with DCS from the start with the Badger, we are still here with the latest Direct Jet printers and Flex33 vinyl printer, and we will continue to be there as DCS guides us into the next stage of direct-to-substrate, small-format printing technology.

Simon Harper

HMH Australia Pty Ltd

DCS Dealer


Name badges and signage from McGee's Stamp and Trophy

The ability to print color name badges was not available to us before we teamed with DCS more than 12 years ago. Over the years, we feel that DCS has helped us stay on top of current trends in the industry and kept us ahead of our competition.

The company behind the machines is very important to me. We enjoy our relationship with the people at DCS, from Gene for tech support to Heather making sure we have the supplies we need to do our work. Their printers have opened us up to more profit opportunities and also have kept our customers supplied with the products they need. I would have hated to see people go elsewhere for their color printing needs and find that someone else could provide them with the products we have been supplying them with for years. Our DCS printers have allowed us to meet the demands of customers both large and small and continue to hold onto that business for the long haul.

On a daily basis, we run our original Badger – it's 12 years old and still running strong – and a pair of Millennium 590 printers for name and ID badges, plus a newer Direct Jet 1320 for everything from badges to full-color plates for plaques. We just love our DCS printers and what they do for us. We're glad we made the connection with DCS and continue to treasure it.

Jeff Beagley

McGee's Stamp & Trophy

Orem, UT

Name Badges from Badgemaster

In the 20 years since we started in the back of a garden shed, Badgemaster has grown to be the U.K.'s largest manufacturer of name badges.

The secret of our success has been based on four clear, simple, straightforward customer benefits: high quality; low cost; no minimum order; and fast, efficient service. DCS's Millennium 590 and Direct Jet 1320 printers and materials are essential in ensuring we deliver to our customers on the Badgemaster promise. DCS helped make us the company we are today.

Thank you, Direct Color Systems. We couldn't have done it without you.

John Bancroft, Managing Director

Badgemaster, Ltd

Nottingham-Nottinghamshire, U.K.

June Bycroft, Director of Crown Badges & Engravers, New Zealand

We decided to work with DCS after seeing Blair give a demonstration of a Millennium 575 in Auckland in 1999. At the time, we were regularly being asked for color logos on name badges and were getting them screened, so I could see the potential of the digital machine straight away.

We're currently running the complete range of DCS machines: two Millennium 575 printers, a Millennium 770, a 12-24 and a Direct Jet 1324. We are one of New Zealand's leading badge makers, so our three Millennium machines are used for our badges, Photo ID cards and the like. The other printers are used for plaques, awards, canvases and many other signage jobs.

Our Millennium printers are reliable and consistent in their print quality, and we can get through a large quantity of work very quickly. The Direct Jet is quite exciting as there are so many printing applications that can be done on it. Because it can print up to 600mm x 330mm, it gives me the flexibility to try out some different things. I really enjoy the challenge of working out new applications to do on the machine.

Name Badges by Crown Badges & Engravers

Even though we are on the other side of the world, the team at DCS has always gladly assisted us with service and technical support. We have really appreciated the help we have received from DCS and the long relationship we have had with them. Even though we are "down under," with our DCS printers we feel we are producing a quality and range of products that is the equal of any produced anywhere in the world.

June Bycroft, Director

Crown Badges & Engravers

Auckland, New Zealand

We have worked with DCS since 2008 and have two Direct Jet 1324s. We chose the Direct Jet because of its smaller format, the quality of imprint, the easy operation and the fact that we do not need to pre-treat items to be printed. Most of our production runs are very short – 1000 pieces and under. This was a major factor, as well as the very attractive cost of the equipment.

The biggest benefit of working with DCS has been their vast knowledge and their willingness to share. They have been very supportive in the learning curve and quickly help us solve any issues that come up with production problems.

I can honestly say that working with DCS has been quite painless and I would not hesitate recommending them to others. In fact, we are looking to develop some custom equipment with them for some other proprietary products that we are working on. They're truly and great bunch to work with!

Rob Foote

J & J Manufacturing

Ontario, Canada