Digital Garment Printers

Garments can be decorated with many of the Direct Jet flatbed inkjet printers from Direct Color Systems®. Replace your t shirt printing equipment with one of our Direct Jet printers simply by using a white garment transfer material. This transfer material is available in rolls and sheets from DCS and its distributors. Once an image is printed onto the transfer material, it can be cut out using a vinyl cutter, a laser cutter or simply with scissors. Using Direct Jet printers as digital garment printers simplifies the process of garments immensely. As soon as you have the product cut out, you can place it directly onto the garment and press it on permanently with a heat press. Voila! Direct Jet flatbed inkjet printers are some of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use t shirt decorating equipment available today.

  • Print the image to t-shirt transfer material. The Flex33x works with DCS's t-shirt transfer material as well as with many commercially available transfer media.
  • Allow the image to dry (dries in as little as 2 minutes).
  • Cut out the image. DCS recommends using the Graphtec Craft Robo Pro with our Flex Cut 8 software for precision cutting of the image, but a shear or scissors can also be used.
  • Press the image onto the shirt (use the directions included with the transfer material for temperature settings).

The video below shows an overview of this process. The image is durable and holds up to repeated washings. The Flex33x produces one-of-a-kind products at assembly line speeds.

Digital Garment Printing

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