Anodized Aluminum Printing (Open Pore)

Print Barcodes, Signage, Plaques and Awards with DCS Direct-to-Substrate Printers

The Direct Color Systems Direct Jet solvent inkjet printers* allow you to print full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text directly onto anodized (open-pore) aluminum. Anodized aluminum printing has never been so effective or fast. Applications for anodized printing include barcodes, signage, plaques, awards, labels and panels.

DuraJet™: Open-Pored Aluminum for Sub-Surface Color Printing in Aluminum

Use your Direct Jet printer in conjunction with DuraJet™ open-pored aluminum from Horizons Imaging Systems Group for revolutionary sub-surface color printing on anodized aluminum. This imaging system allows you to digitally create durable, full-color images on anodized aluminum and subsequently seal the image under the anodized layer, making it virtually impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and salt spray. Anodized aluminum printing has been challenging in the past, but DuraJet™ makes the process long-lasting and simple.

Anodized Aluminum Printing

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DuraJet Benefits

  • Full-color inkjet printing with the modern, high-quality look of anodized aluminum
  • Impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and graffiti
  • Digital process: short run and variable data friendly
  • Easy to use and reliable: digital process requires no screens
  • Lower acquisition costs than comparable systems such as metal screen printing

Anodized Aluminum Printer - DuraJet Technology After printing, DuraJet is "sealed," protecting the image inside the metal itself. Unlike other open-pored aluminum, DuraJet is extremely stable and will not seal unless plates are put through the sealing process. That means that DuraJet has a long shelf life.

Anodized Printing Applications

  • Barcodes – Print durable variable-data plates in full color
  • Signage & Wayfinding – Print full-color, high-value metal signage that is cleanable and durable
  • Plaques & Awards – Create company awards, ISO certification plaques and patent reproductions
  • Labels & Panels – Create full-color, durable industrial metal labels and panels

DuraJet is available in 10" x 12" (254mm x 305mm) and 12" x 20" (305mm x 508mm) sheets that are .020" thick (.51mm), in both satin and matte finishes for a versatile range of anodized printing. Custom thicknesses and sizes are available. See the full list of sizes, finishes and ordering information here.

Open Pore Anodized Aluminum Printing

* The DuraJet anodized aluminum process cannot be used in conjunction with our UV LED printers. Please use a solvent inkjet printer for this process.

DuraJet Durability Characteristics

Application Test Condition Effect
Outdoor Exposure1,000 hrs of accelerated UV/weather with Q-Sun XE-3/HS**Slight dulling of image*
Abrasion Exposure7,000 cycles on a Taber Abraser, CS17 with 1Kg wheel loadSlight dulling of surface
Marine Exposure5% at 95°F for 700 hrs of salt fog exposure as per ASTM B117No Effect
Corrosive/Chemical Exposure24 hr immersion in MIL-STD-810G fluidsNo Effect
High Temperature Exposure1 hour in 500°F air ovenSlight dulling of image
Anodized Aluminum Printing - DuraJet Technology

Comparison to Other Aluminum Print Methods

DuraJet is engineered to give your business an edge by creating higher-quality, higher-value products at lower acquisition and usage costs than UV inkjet and screen printing on metal systems. With DuraJet you can profitably service short-run, full-color jobs previously inaccessible due to screen reclamation and set-up costs from color changes and variable information.

** Test Ongoing
Horizons ISG does not warrant performance of its materials in any environment.