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July 22 - 24, 2015
FESPA Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa
DCS distributor MidComp will be exhibiting

July 23 - 25, 2015
NBM Long Beach

Long Beach, CA USA
Booth #531

July 29 - 31, 2015
Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair

DCS distributor ARIS Pacific will be exhibiting

July 29 - 31, 2015

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
DCS distributor Namson will be exhibiting

August 4 - 5, 2015
DCS Technology Showcase –
Buffalo, NY Metro Area

Cheektowaga, NY USA
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August 4 - 6, 2015
Brazil Promotion

São Paulo, SP Brazil
DCS distributor AGABE will be exhibiting

August 6 - 9, 2015
3D Printshow Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia
DCS distributor PT Artha Intilestari will be exhibiting

August 11, 2015
DCS Technology Showcase –
Farmington, NM

Farmington, NM USA
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August 13, 2015
DCS Technology Showcase –
Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM USA
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August 19, 2015
DCS Technology Showcase –
Richmond, VA Metro Area

Chester, VA USA
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August 20, 2015
DCS Technology Showcase –
Tidewater, VA Metro Area

Chesapeake, VA USA
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August 20 - 22, 2015
FESPA Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico
DCS distributor Dimension Espacio SA will be exhibiting

August 28 - 30, 2015
NBM Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA USA
Booth #416

New Small-Format UV LED Printer Maximizes Production Output with Best in Class Features and Image Quality

ADA-Complaint/Braille Sign Printing

DCS has released the latest addition to its popular Direct Jet small-format UV LED printer line. The new Direct Jet 1024UVMVP is a max volume production model designed to increase profitability by producing more, in less time, with the same industry-leading print quality that users have come to expect from DCS. New features include a Bulk Ink System™, Precision Dot Control™, Programmable and Automatic Circulation System of the Entire White Ink Vessel, and a 3.5" (89mm) LCD Touch Screen Display. Read more.

DCS Introduces the Next Generation in ADA-Compliant / Braille Sign Printing

ADA-Complaint/Braille Sign Printing

The versatile Direct Jet 1024UVHS UV LED printer from DCS can now be used to create ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant Braille signage* more efficiently and economically than ever before. Combine this compact, American-made printer with DCS's Color Byte RIP 9 software, add-on ADA Module and matte-finish InkMark™ UV Acrylic and Metal coated substrates to quickly create signage that complies with federal ADA guidelines via a patent-pending UV LED inkjet printing process. Read more.

DCS Releases InkMark™ UV Coated Plastics and Metals for UV LED Inkjet Printers

InkMark UV Coated Plastics and Metals for UV LED Inkjet Printers

Direct Color Systems (DCS) has expanded its popular line of InkMark™ pre-coated substrates with options that are compatible with the company's breakthrough compact UV LED printers and inks. While InkMark UV metal and plastic substrates can be used on any UV flatbed printer, they are optimized to accept DCS's UV LED inks without the use of any chemical wipe or adhesion promoter, allowing users to more easily and economically create durable images with a greater resistance to scratches and many perfumes and solvents, including 100% isopropyl alcohol. Read more.

New High-Speed, Small-Format UV LED Flatbed Printer Features Inline Printing with TEXTUR3D™ On Board

New High-Speed, Small-Format UV LED Flatbed Printer Features Inline Printing with TEXTUR3D™ On Board

Direct Color Systems (DCS) has added a new dimension to the crisp, full-color images of its small-format UV LED inkjet printer line, introducing a high-speed model that utilizes inline printing and produces breakthrough 3D textured prints. Read more.

DCS Announces Facility Expansion, Growth of Overseas Support Team

DCS Announces Facility Expansion, Growth of Overseas Support Team

Fueled by strong business growth rooted in the success of its cutting-edge Direct Jet UV LED small-format flatbed inkjet printer line, Direct Color Systems® (DCS) has announced a significant expansion to its international headquarters in Central Connecticut and a new addition to its EAA support team. Read more.

DCS Brings Advanced UV Technology to Small-Format Printers

Small-Format Flatbed UV Printers

Direct Color Systems is pleased to announce the availability of UV LED technology for the small-format UV flatbed market. The Direct Jet 1014UV and 1024UV models are extremely versatile, offering large table sizes and height allowances at an economical price point. Our UV LED inks are very flexible and won't crack or flake off, even in very flexible vinyl applications. You can print crisp text and vibrant, full-color images using UV inks on wood, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, aluminum and more. Click here for a gallery of application and sample photos.

Our breakthrough UV LED and Ink technologies address durability issues related to abrasion and solvents, and allow brilliant white ink performance on the darkest of substrates. All without sacrificing the sharp, detailed prints and advanced features that you've come to expect from the Direct Jet family of printers. Click here to learn more about Direct Jet 1014UV and 1024UV printers.

New IR4 Cleaning Cartridges

DCS has released a new cleaning cartridge for the IR4 ink series. This new cleaning cartridge is available as a pre-filled cartridge to minimize, if not eliminate the risk of spilling unwanted solvents into the bottom of the print head carriage mechanism. In testing to date, this new product has proven to be 100% effective in dissolving IR4 clogs in Direct Jet model print heads. View a list of product codes and ordering information here. Please contact your local distributor for supply and pricing information.

"Adobe® Extreme Printing" with a DCS Direct Jet Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Extreme Printing with DCS's Direct Jet Printer

Direct Jet small-format flatbed inkjet printers from Direct Color Systems can be used to apply brilliant color images to both flat and 3-dimensional substrates. In this demo, Adobe's Russell Preston Brown uses his Direct Jet 1309 to apply photo-quality images to textured wood, canvas, plastic and metal. He also creates a progressive photo print with several digital touch plates utilizing this precision pin-registered printer.

TSS (Technical Sales Specialist) Program: What it Means to Customers and Distributors/Dealers in USA and Canada

DCS is pleased to announce the creation of our Technical Sales Specialist (TSS) program. TSSs are currently located throughout the United States and Canada, providing customers, dealers and distributors alike with local sales, installation and technical support. Local support means quicker response time and a DCS representative who really knows your business. Please contact us if you'd like to be put in touch with your regional TSS.

New InkMark™ Coated Substrates

InkMark Coated Substrates

InkMark™ is a unique new line of coated substrates that are optimized to simultaneously accept DCS's Multisolve™ dye and clear inks in one pass. This allows the InkMark coating to catalyze with the DCS YMCK and clear Multisolve™ inks to create a bond that provides a more durable image. Images have a greater resistance to many perfumes and solvents, including 100% isopropyl alcohol.

Applications include safety signs, name badges, business cards, recognition awards, interior signage, desk plates and door plates, machine tags and labeling, bag tags and more. ABS substrates can be profiled using rotating carbide, scored, cut with shears and bent with heat. No predrilling is required. InkMark DR Acrylic substrates can be laser cut, cut with rotating carbide, sawed, drilled and bent with heat. InkMark DR Acrylic is suitable for exterior applications. View our standard sizes and color and get more information here.

Download InkMark™ Spec Sheet (1.3mb PDF)

New Direct Jet Capability: Variable-Size Dots & Nozzle Count in Printer Packages

Variable-Size Dots & Nozzle Count in Printer Packages

No two snowflakes are the same, and neither are our customers. While DCS provides a number of standard print profiles with ICC color calibration in our print packages, we also provide options that allow the flexibility to create unique print modes or profiles. With our variable-size dots and adjustable nozzle count, customers can control the amount of ink and density in their applications. This capability allows customers the flexibility of jetting many different ink types to many different substrates. Click here to see how to enable these settings.

DCS Direct Jet Printer used in Russell Brown's Adobe® Photoshop® "Extreme Painting" Technique

Print on Wood with DCS's Direct Jet Printer

Russell Brown showcased a new way to paint using Photoshop CS5 during Adobe MAX 2010, which he called "Extreme Painting." This new technique uses lasers to engrave an image onto a canvas made of solid wood and then using a high-quality flatbed Direct Color Systems Direct Jet printer, prints the color image onto the carved wooden canvas leaving the creator with a eye popping 3D version of the original image. The entire process can be seen in the video above! Read more at the Photoshop.com blog.

David Pitzen Appointed DCS's Director of Sales for USA and Canada

David Pitzen, DCS Director of Sales for USA and Canada

David E. Pitzen recently joined Direct Color Systems (DCS) as their Director of Sales, USA and Canada. In announcing the appointment of Pitzen to the newly created position, Blair Allen, President of DCS said, "David's past experience in setting up technical sales specialists to work with a North American distribution and dealer network will be extremely valuable." Read more.

Rui Carvalho Latest Addition to DCS Sales Team

David Pitzen, DCS Director of Sales and Business Development EMEA

DCS is pleased to announce the addition of Rui Carvalho as the company's Director of Sales and Business Development EAA (Europe, Asia, and Africa). Mr. Carvalho brings with him nearly 20 years of experience in the graphic arts industry as a distributor/dealer of different types of digital printing equipment for offset, screen, pad and large-format printing. His thorough knowledge of many major printer manufacturers enables him to offer solutions for a wide variety of printing applications. Blair Allen, Direct Color Systems' President, welcomes Carvalho's familiarity with many fields in the printing industry, as well as his strong knowledge of sales, servicing and support of printing devices. Read more.

The Direct Color Printing Solution / CorelDRAW Help Magazine

The Direct Jet 1324 was featured in the August 2010 issue of CorelDRAW Help magazine. Download the article to see what Bill Weeks has to say about our direct to substrate printing solution.

Download CorelDRAW Help Article (900k PDF)

FSC-Certified Eco-Friendly Plaques

FSC-Certified Eco-Friendly Plaques

DCS can provide you with environmentally friendly plaques and recognition awards that have been custom formulated for use in conjunction with Direct Jet inkjet printers or laser engraving equipment (bamboo only). These plaques are made of either the world's only Formaldehyde-free, FSC-certified, organically grown bamboo or certified sustainable MDF produced from recycled wood. They utilize water-based, low-VOC, LEED-compliant finishes and recycled aluminum, and they ship in minimal packaging made from 100% recycled materials. Our partner, ECOPlus, spent two years researching the most eco-friendly materials and processes for this line of eco plaques. Plaques are available in four solid bamboo styles or white-finished MDF ("Arreis®"), in sizes from 5" x 7" up to 13" x 17". See a full listing of styles and sizes and get more information here.

Millennium 700 Series Prints Full-Color Name Badges & Access Cards in 25 Seconds

Print Full-Color Name Badges & Access Cards in 25 Seconds

DCS's Millennium 700 Series thermal printers utilize a proprietary digital imaging technology that ensures clear, sharp and professional-looking output. Their ability to automatically feed and print precut blanks in full color, at a printing speed of about 25 seconds per card, saves time and costs. Computer graphics, scanned images or original artwork created by a software package such as the DCS Color Byte software can all be used with this versatile printer. Read more here.

DCS Pigment-Based Inks Provide Vibrant, Fade-Resistant Colors

Pigment-Based Inks Provide Vibrant, Fade-Resistant Colors

DCS's Multisolve™ IR7 pigmented inks are mild solvent-type inks provide vibrant, high-intensity colors, with consistent color density values. Because they are pigment-based, they are UV stable and resist fading in outdoor environments. Formulated for use in both flexible and rigid applications, these inks are quick-drying and produce high-resolution, detailed images. The extremely versatile Multisolve IR7 inks print directly to a wide range of substrates such as PVC, ceramic tiles, natural tiles, wood, aluminum, glass, ABS, polycarbonate, leather, engraving plastics, paper, acrylic, crystal, CDs and DVDs. Typical applications include awards, signage, advertising specialty items, novelty items, equipment plates, name badges and more. Read more here.