Direct Jet Blank Substrates

InkMark Coated Substrates

InkMark™ Coated Substrates

Working hand-in-hand with our Multisolve™ inks, DCS offers InkMark™, a unique line of coated substrates that are optimized to simultaneously accept our solvent/UV and clear inks in a single pass. The bond that forms between the coating and the YMCK and clear inks provides a more durable image with greater resistance to many perfumes and solvents, including 100% isopropyl alcohol.

PVC Sheet Stock

DCS offers printable .060" PVC sheets in white, silver and gold. View PVC sheet sizes and ordering info here.

Non-Coated Metal Sheet Stock

DCS stocks aluminum and brass uncoated metal sheet stock in a variety of sizes for use with Direct Jet Printers. View metal sheet stock sizes and ordering info here.

DuraJet™ Open-Pore Aluminum

DuraJet allows you to digitally create durable, full-color images on anodized aluminum and subsequently seal the image inside the metal, making it virtually impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and salt spray. Available in satin and matte finishes. Find out more and view standard sizes and ordering information here.

Acrylic Blanks

DCS has partnered with industry leader Artplak Studios to offer you blank laser cut acrylics in just about every shape you can imagine. Find out more.

Blank Printable Plaques

Blank Plaques & Merit Awards

DCS can provide you with a selection of sustainable MDF and FSC-certified bamboo "eco plaques." Check out the complete list of blank plaque types and sizes.

Blank Ad Specialty Products

DCS can provide you with blank pens, mint tins and more items to be printed with your Direct Jet using our standard trays. View our list of blank ad specialties.