Color Byte RIP 9 Software

For Direct Jet UV Inkjet Printers

Color Byte RIP 9 Software

All Direct Jet UV printers ship with our Color Byte RIP 9 software. RIP 9 starts with inline printing. Rather than running multiple passes to put down clear, white and color, three groups of print head channels print in any combination of two or three of these channels simultaneously, inline in a single pass. Through this innovative process, RIP 9 is also able to offer remarkable single-pass, raised-texture options to bring your projects to new heights. Create TEXTUR3D™ signage, cell phone covers and other promotional items that make your customers' messages stand out from the crowd. RIP 9 also integrates seamlessly with industry-standard design programs like CorelDRAW®, Photoshop® and Illustrator® to streamline production processes.

Sign Printing Tools (featuring Visual Production Manager)

  • Supports multiple queues and printers simultaneously
  • Automatic or manual tiling
  • Send and receive print files across a network
  • Hot folder support
  • CMYK, Clear and White
  • Direct print from PhotoShop®, CorelDRAW®, Illustrator®, Quark™, etc.
  • Auto nest prints ICC profile support
  • Templates – automatic job positioning Ink and media costing

General RIP Features

  • Windows XP™, Windows 7™, Windows 8™ support
  • Multiple Instances
  • Import over 70 types of graphic files
  • Pre‐load color vinyl libraries/modify
  • Arrays

Design Tools

  • Parametric shapes tool (stars, circles, rectangles, fan, arrows)
  • Graphics create/edit
  • Rulers and dials

Cutting Tools

  • Power weed
  • Contour cut with auto‐bleed

Text Tools

  • Text to arc
  • 1100+ fonts + TrueType™ + Corel™ font support
  • Fit text to path
  • Font creator

Special Effects (vector images & text)

  • Inline /outline
  • Shadows: perspective, cast, drop, block
  • Distortions/special effects
  • Multi-color gradient fill: process colors, spot colors, color to transparency

Power Tools

  • Badge maker: auto substitute objects with serialization
  • Clipping / masking
  • Fit object to path
  • Color welds
  • Auto trap overlapping objects with bleed/choke
  • SuperSize Image, interpolate image while maintaining sharpness

Bitmap Tools

  • Color bitmap edit
  • Filters (blur, emboss, lighten, sharpen, invert, red‐eye)
  • Color adjustment tools + color sampler (eye dropper)
  • Over 75 Special Effects plug‐in filters (Eye Candy™, Richard Rosenman™, Harry's Filters™, Redfield™)

Other Features

  • Texture Wizard
  • Inline Printing
  • Print mode full calibration
  • Layer Profiles
  • Bitmap Processing: Alpha, Underbase, Knock Me Black Out
  • Variable dot control