InkMark™ UV Metal – Coated Substrates

For Direct Jet UV LED Inkjet Printers

InkMark UV Coated Metal Substrates

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InkMark™ UV Metal is a unique line of coated metal substrates that are optimized to accept DCS's Multisolve™ IR2 UV LED inks without the use of any chemical wipe or adhesion promoter. These metals are outdoor UV stable for up to 2 years without any overcoat. InkMark UV Metal is available in both standard and matte finishes and is sublimatable, expanding the list of potential applications:

  • ADA-compliant/Braille signage
  • Name badges
  • Industrial labeling
  • Exterior and interior signage
  • Desk plates and door plates
  • Machine tags and labeling
  • And much more!

InkMark™ UV Metal Features:

InkMark™ UV Metal Stock Sizes

Full Sheet – 24" x 48" (609mm x 1219mm)
Quarter Sheet – 12" x 24" (304mm x 609mm)
1" x 3" (25.4mm x 76.2mm)*
1.5" x 3" (38.1mm x 76.2mm)*
2" x 3" (50.8mm x 76.2mm)*
4" x 6" (101.6mm x 152.4mm)*
CR80 – 2.125" x 3.375" (54mm x 79.4mm)*
Custom cuts and shapes available.
* Available with round or square corners. Refer to our website/catalog for product codes for ordering. Please call for custom cuts, colors and thicknesses, or if you require adhesive.
Scroll down for product codes for ordering, or reference our catalog (PDF).

InkMark™ UV Metal Stock Colors

Standard Finish:

InkMark UV Metal Stock Colors

Matte Finish (ADA/Braille Compliant):

InkMark UV Metal Stock Colors

InkMark™ UV Metal Ordering Information

UV Metals Full Sheet 24" x 48" (609mm x 1219mm)

Code Description
IMUM-020-00-SHTWhite Aluminum 24" x 48"
IMUM-018-47-SHTBrsh. Platinum Aluminum 24" x 48"
IMUM-020-06-SHTSilver Aluminum 24" x 48"
IMUM-020-05-SHTGold Aluminum 24" x 48"

UV Metals Quarter Sheet 12" x 24" (304mm x 609mm)

Code Description
IMUM-020-00-QTRWhite Aluminum 12" x 24"
IMUM-018-47-QTRBrsh. Platinum Aluminum 12" x 24"
IMUM-020-06-QTRSilver Aluminum 12" x 24"
IMUM-020-05-QTRGold Aluminum 12" x 24"

UV Metals 1" x 3" (25.4mm x 76.2mm)

1" x 3" with Round Corners 1" x 3" with Square Corners
Code Description Code Description
IMUM-020-00-01R White Aluminum IMUM-020-00-01S White Aluminum
IMUM-018-47-01R Brsh. Platinum Aluminum IMUM-018-47-01S Brsh. Platinum Aluminum
IMUM-020-06-01R Silver Aluminum IMUM-020-06-01S Silver Aluminum
IMUM-020-05-01R Gold Aluminum IMUM-020-05-01S Gold Aluminum

UV Metals 1.5" x 3" (38.1mm x 76.2mm)

1.5" x 3" with Round Corners 1.5" x 3" with Square Corners
Code Description Code Description
IMUM-020-00-02RWhite Aluminum IMUM-020-00-02S White Aluminum
IMUM-018-47-02RBrsh. Platinum Aluminum IMUM-018-47-02S Brsh. Platinum Aluminum
IMUM-020-06-02RSilver Aluminum IMUM-020-06-02S Silver Aluminum
IMUM-020-05-02RGold Aluminum IMUM-020-05-02S Gold Aluminum

UV Metals 2" x 3" (50.8mm x 76.2mm)

2" x 3" with Round Corners 2" x 3" with Square Corners
Code Description Code Description
IMUM-020-00-03RWhite Aluminum IMUM-020-00-03S White Aluminum
IMUM-018-47-03RBrsh. Platinum Aluminum IMUM-018-47-03S Brsh. Platinum Aluminum
IMUM-020-06-03RSilver Aluminum IMUM-020-06-03S Silver Aluminum
IMUM-020-05-03RGold Aluminum IMUM-020-05-03S Gold Aluminum

UV Metals 4" x 6" (101.6mm x 152.4mm)

4" x 6" with Round Corners 4" x 6" with Square Corners
Code Description Code Description
IMUM-020-00-46RWhite Aluminum IMUM-020-00-46S White Aluminum
IMUM-018-47-46RBrsh. Platinum Aluminum IMUM-018-47-46S Brsh. Platinum Aluminum
IMUM-020-06-46RSilver Aluminum IMUM-020-06-46S Silver Aluminum
IMUM-020-05-46RGold Aluminum IMUM-020-05-46S Gold Aluminum

UV Metals CR80 (2.125" x 3.375") (54mm x 79.4mm)

CR80 with Round Corners CR80 with Square Corners
Code Description Code Description
IMUM-020-00-04RWhite Aluminum IMUM-020-00-04S White Aluminum
IMUM-018-47-04RBrsh. Platinum Aluminum IMUM-018-47-04S Brsh. Platinum Aluminum
IMUM-020-06-04RSilver Aluminum IMUM-020-06-04S Silver Aluminum
IMUM-020-05-04RGold Aluminum IMUM-020-05-04S Gold Aluminum

Cut pieces available upon request.