Multisolve™ IR4 Dye-Based Solvent Inks

For Direct Jet Inkjet Printers

MultiSolve IR5 Dye Inks

DCS's Multisolve™ IR4 dye inks are mild-solvent-type ink designed exclusively for the Direct Jet 1309, 1314 and 1324 model printers (and our legacy 2-17 and Direct Jet 1212 and 1320 models). These inks are extremely versatile and bind directly to many different substrates without the need for any pre-coating or priming. Typical uses of these inks include, but are not limited to: awards, signage, ad specialty items, novelty items, manufacturing products, equipment plates, name badges, etc. These inks have been formulated over many years to give users continual, trouble-free operation with high-resolution, detailed images. Light Cyan and Light Magenta are for use with the legacy 2-17 only.

The current Multisolve ink set offering includes Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black inks along with a White and Clear ink, Wetting Solution and Wash formulations. The Wash is used for cleaning and purging of ink supply components only. Do not use the Wash IR5 on other non-approved plastic parts, as crazing and melting of plastic may occur. When cleaning plastic products, use Wetting Solution IR3.

  • Mild solvent-dye-based formulation
  • Formulated for use in both flexible and rigid applications
  • High-impact, vibrant, high-intensity colors with expanded color gamut
  • Consistent color density values
  • Adhesion and die cutting capability on a variety of substrates
  • Precisely manufactured and filtered to eliminate clogging issues
  • Consistent printing & processing characteristics

Multisolve IR4 Product Offering

Code Description Container
I-5102Black Multisolve Dye Ink IR4150 ml Bottle
I-5114Yellow MulitSolve Dye Ink IR4150 ml Bottle
I-5115Magenta Multisolve Dye Ink IR4150 ml Bottle
I-5116Cyan Multisolve Dye Ink IR4150 ml Bottle
I-5117Light Cyan Multisolve Dye Ink IR4 – 2-17 only150 ml Bottle
I-5118Light Magenta Multisolve Dye Ink IR4 – 2-17 only150 ml Bottle
I-2104White Pigment Multisolve Dye Ink IR5150 ml Bottle
I-3113CleClear Multisolve Dye Ink IR6150 ml Bottle
I-2100-LMultisolve Wash IR51 Liter Bottle
C-IR419CLEANIR4 Cleaning Cartridge for Direct Jet Models 2-17, 1309, 1314 and 1324 (this cartridge is universal for all color slots)
C-IR418CLEANXXXIR4 Cleaning Cartridges for Direct Jet Models 1212 and 1320 (slot number on standard cartridge must be specified for DJ Models 1212 and 1320 cleaning cartridges)

Individual Cleaning Cartridge Part Numbers

Code Description
IC-IR418540White Slot #8
IC-IR418541Clear Slot #5
IC-IR418542Cyan Slot #3
IC-IR418543Magenta Slot #2
IC-IR418544Yellow Slot #1
IC-IR418547Clear Slot #6
IC-IR418548Black Slot #4
IC-IR418549White Slot #7


PVC, Ceramic Tiles, Natural Tiles, Wood, Aluminum, Glass, ABS, Polycarbonate, Leather, Engraving Plastics, Paper, Acrylic, Crystal, CDs, DVDs, etc.

All substrates should be tested for image receptivity and durability with final acceptance and suitability determined by customer. Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion and durability does depend upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of substrate. Adhesion and image quality may be improved when the substrate is cleaned with a suitable cleaning solvent such as Novus Polish or IPA (isopropanol alcohol).

Ink Maintenance

Maintain your Direct Jet printer in good working condition. Daily or every-other-day operation of the printer with an acceptable nozzle check is recommended. Direct Color Systems recommends only using its Multisolve Wash IR5 in the refillable cartridges when purging the head for extended non-working times and this cleaning/maintenance procedure, if not performed daily, should at least be performed weekly. Wash IR5 cartridges can be left installed in the printer for extended periods of time. Any period longer than 3 months should have the cartridges removed and the print head carriage left empty. Please consult the Direct Jet User's Guide for complete ink and printer maintenance directions.

Drying Times / Curing Parameters

Multisolve IR4 inks are designed to be fast drying. Once printed, a substrate can be moved off of the table without any risk of runs. However, the ink will not be completely dry to the touch for up to another two minutes. Forced air and elevated temperature will dramatically accelerate this drying time if desired. Full cure and durability should be considered after a 24-hour period.

Clean Up

For best results cleaning up ink from spills or non-plastic products, use the Multisolve Wash IR5. For plastic products, use Wetting Solution IR3.


Store ink, wetting solution and wash in the original tightly sealed bottles, at 65°F - 80°F (18°C - 27°C) and out of direct sunlight. Ink, wetting solution and wash should always be kept away from heat, sparks and flames. If stored at a different temperature, the ink should be allowed to reach room temperature before calibration or printing. The shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored under prescribed conditions.

Ink Handling

All personnel mixing and handling these products must wear gloves and eye protection. Clean up all spills immediately. If ink does come in contact with skin, wipe ink off with a clean, dry cloth (do not use solvent or flush solution). Wash the affected area with soap and water. Consult the DCS Multisolve Ink IR4 Material Safety Data Sheet for further instructions and warnings.

Exterior Performance & Durability

Multisolve IR4 inks are a dye-based ink and are not pigmented. Therefore, they are not UV stable when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. For inks that offer greater UV resistance, please see our UV system. Any application should be tested by customer prior to determining suitability for any application.


All inks, wash and wetting solution listed above ship ground and air with standard shipping criteria.

Direct Color Systems' Multisolve Inks (IR4) are formulated for maximum adhesion to an extensive range of materials. Always pretest for acceptable adhesion prior to production. Direct Color Systems (DCS) stands behind the quality of this product. DCS cannot, however, guarantee the finished results because DCS exercises no control over individual operating and production procedures. While technical information and advice on the use of this product is provided in good faith, the user bears sole responsibility for selecting the appropriate product for their end use requirements. Users are also responsible for testing to determine that our product will perform as expected during the printed item's entire life cycle from printing, post print processing, and shipment to end use. This product has been specially formulated for digital printing, and it has not been tested by any other method. Any liability associated with the use of this product is limited to the value of the product purchased from DCS.