Parts, Accessories & Cleaning Supplies

For Flex33x Flexible Media & Vinyl Printers

Flex33 Parts

Code Description
PT-33-RQCCAP Flex33x Removable Capping Station
AC-DJ-HEADCLEANPrint head purging device
AC-DJ-NEEDLEFilling Needles
AC-33-CARTSSet of 8 Empty refillable cartridges for Flex33
AC-33CART-102 Flex33x Black Cartridge
AC-33CART-111 Flex33x Orange Cartridge
AC-33CART-114 Flex33x Yellow Cartridge
AC-33CART-115 Flex33x Magenta Cartridge
AC-33CART-116 Flex33x Cyan Cartridge
AC-33CART-117 Flex33x Light Cyan Cartridge
AC-33CART-118 Flex33x Light Magenta Cartridge
AC-33CART-119 Flex33x Light Black Cartridge
AC-CHP RESETTER Chip Resetter for Flex33x model cartridges
PT-WASTEPAD Flex33x Waste Ink Pad
PT-SPITPAD Flex33x Spit Waste Ink Pad
PT-HTRSPITPAD Flex33x Spit waste pad on heater station
AC-SWABSHead cleaning swabs
AC-GLOVESBox of gloves
AC-99%IPAWIPESAlcohol wipes

Flex33x Accessories Kit

Code Description
AC-FLEX33ACCESS Flex33x Accessories Kit
  • Quick Start Guide (printed)
  • Color Byte Flex Rip 8 DVD
    (User guides, Software/RIP Installer, Printer Drivers/Packages, Data)
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable (110V or 220V)
  • Small Vinyl Hand Cutter
  • Chip Resetter (AC-CHP RESETTER)
  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver

Flex33x Cleaning Kit

Code Description
AC-33-CLEAN Flex33x Accessories Kit
  • MultiSolve Wash IR8 – 150ml Bottle
  • Bag of 100 gloves
  • 10 disposable swabs
  • Purge Device
  • Alcohol wipes
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