Direct-to-Substrate Commercial Printers

Small-Format Printer Types

Whether you're printing on plastic, metal or glass; golf balls, name plates or pens; or vinyl or other flexible media, DCS can provide you with the technology to perfectly fit your application. Our direct-to-substrate commercial printers are great for digital decorating and many other practical applications and fall under the following technology headings:

Inkjet, UV LED, and Thermal Printers

Small-Format Flatbed UV LED PrintersSmall-Format Flatbed UV LED Printers

DCS's Direct Jet line extends to a selection of small-format flatbed UV printers. These printers share the standout features of our Direct Jet solvent printers, with the added benefit of durability, solvent resistance and an opaque white when paired with our Multisolve™ IR2 LED UV inks. Our UVMVP Series and 1018UVHS6 printers utilize inline printing and produces breakthrough 3D textured prints.

Direct-to-Substrate Commercial PrintersFlatbed Solvent Inkjet Printers

When paired with Multisolve inks, our Direct Jet line of flatbed inkjet direct-to-substrate solvent printers are a great solution for printing brilliant color directly onto three-dimensional substrates such as plastic, metal, wood, stone and glass without the need for priming or pre-treating. This versatile inkjet technology can be used to print ultra-high-quality, photo-realistic, full-color images onto acrylic awards, signage, brass nameplates, golf balls, pens, customized gifts and much, much more.

When combined with "Specialty Substrates" from DCS – including our InkMark™ coated substrates and DuraJet™ surface-printable aluminum – the quality and durability provided by our flatbed inkjet printers is suitable for many commercial and industrial applications. Print on substrates up to 13" x 24" x 6" thick (330mm x 609mm x 152mm). Read more about the benefits of and applications for flatbed direct-to-substrate printers.

Small Format Vinyl Inkjet PrintersVinyl & Flexible Media Inkjet Printers

The PrismJET DTx is a small-format printer that is engineered specifically for printing onto vinyl and other flexible and roll media. Print durable, high-quality images onto flexible substrates such as vinyl, backlit film, t-shirt transfer film, banner media, magnetic signage, label stock and much more without the use of a pre-treatment or pre-coating. When used with our UV-stable, pigment-solvent Multisolve inks, you'll create items that stand up to the elements up for up to 2 years without lamination or 5 years with lamination. Read more about flexible media printers and their applications.

Thermal Printer Ribbon ManufacturersThermal Ribbon Printers

Our Millennium series of thermal printers are designed for automatically feeding and printing onto precut rigid blanks, making this an ideal technology for printing single-color or full-color badges, access cards, business cards, plates and much more. DCS's digital thermal transfer dye-sublimation and resin printers offer unsurpassed print quality and speed, complete with many advanced options that you won't find with standalone card printers. Read more about thermal printers and their applications.