Direct-to-Substrate Inkjet Printers

Direct Jet Direct-to-Substrate Digital Inkjet Printers

DCS's Direct Jet series of flatbed inkjet printers print high-quality, full-color images directly onto a variety of flat and 3-dimensional substrates. DCS's Direct Jet printers don't even require priming or pre-coating when used in conjunction with our Multisolve™ inks.

Three bed sizes are available for our Direct Jet solvent printers, which accommodate rigid substrates up to 13" x 24" x 6" thick (330mm x 609mm x 152mm). Direct Jet UV printers are also available in two table sizes for enhanced durability, solvent resistance and white ink performance when used with our Multisolve™ UV LED inks.

Direct Jet UV Printers

Printer Manufacturer Max Volume, Small-Format UV Printer Printer Manufacturer High-Speed Flatbed UV Printer
Direct Jet UVMVP Series Direct Jet 1018UVHS6
Small-Format UV LED Printers Small-Format UV LED Printer
Printable area: up to 10" x 24"
(254mm x 610mm)
Substrates up to 15" thick (381mm)
Printable area: 10" x 18"
(254mm x 457mm)
Substrates up to 6" thick (152mm)
Featuring inline printing, ADA-compliant/Braille
signage and EasyCyl cylindrical printing
Featuring inline printing and
EasyCyl cylindrical printing
Direct Jet 3D Printing Direct Jet 3D Printing
UVMVP Series full specifications 1018UVHS6 full specifications
PDF Spec Sheet
PDF Spec Sheet

Direct Jet Solvent Printers

Direct-to-Substrate Inkjet Printer Direct-to-Substrate Inkjet Printer Company Direct-to-Substrate Inkjet Printer Manufacturer
Direct Jet 1324 Direct Jet 1314 Direct Jet 1309
Solvent Printer Solvent Printer Solvent Printer
Printable area: 13" x 24"
(330mm x 609mm)
Substrates up to 6" thick (152mm)
Printable area: 13" x 14"
(330mm x 355mm)
Substrates up to 3" thick (76mm)
Printable area: 13" x 9"
(330mm x 228mm)
Substrates up to 2" thick (50mm)
1324 full specifications 1314 full specifications 1309 full specifications
PDF Spec Sheet PDF Spec Sheet PDF Spec Sheet

Direct Jet Printer Features

  • Print directly onto wood, acrylic, PVC, aluminum, ABS, polycarbonate, glass, crystal, stainless steel, ceramic tile, electrical components, CDs, DVDs and much more
  • Solvent-resistant print head and capping station; print head additionally has an ink-repelling coating to ensure consistent, reliable printing
  • 8-chamber print head (YMCKCLCLWW); 180 nozzles/chamber
  • Brilliant white ink option – prints onto even the darkest substrates
  • Clear overcoat ink option to seal your images for added durability
  • Precision image placement and pass-to-pass registration
  • Resolution up to 5760 dpi
  • Ink droplet size from 1.5 to 21 picoliter
  • Premium printer build quality: C-channel aluminum extrusion frame, precision industrial linear motor guides, built-in drying fans, lead screw Y axis motion
  • Hot-swappable, field-replaceable components and modular electronic systems for easy diagnostics and maintenance
  • Bundled with ICC-profiled custom RIP

Inks & Supplies

DCS's Multisolve™ Inks are proprietary, solvent-modified CMYK inks that have been designed for use specifically with your Direct Jet Printer. Our inks print directly onto your substrate without the need for pre-spray, priming or pre-coating – even in bright white. Multisolve Inks also utilize a refillable cartridge delivery system to cut down on waste and expense. Our new Direct Jet 1024UVMVP printer takes ink management to another level with a best in class Bulk Ink System™ that allows for 100% utilization of available ink.

DCS is not only a printer manufacturer, but additionally offers cleaning supplies and other accessories (tacky mats; trays/jigs for CDs, golf balls, baseballs, pens and mint tins; and replacement parts) for use with your Direct Jet Printer. We also offer marketing materials to help you promote your printer's advanced capabilities.


Working hand-in-hand with our Multisolve inks, we offer InkMark™, a unique line of coated substrates that are optimized to simultaneously accept our IR4 dye and clear solvent ink in a single pass. Combined with a Direct Jet solvent printer, InkMark makes for a more durable image.

For use with our UV printers, DCS offers InkMark UV Plastics and InkMark UV Metals. These substrates require no pre-coating. Images printed on InkMark UV with a Direct Jet UV are highly durable and resistant against abrasives and solvents.

DCS also offers a variety of other blank substrates for use with your Direct Jet solvent or UV printer, including: PVC Sheets, Non-Coated Metal Sheets, Acrylic Blanks, Plaques & Awards and Ad Specialty Items.

Color Byte RIP Software

All new Direct Jet UV LED printers ship with a full version of our new Color Byte RIP 9 software. All Direct Jet solvent printers ship with the Lite version of our Color Byte RIP 8 software, which offers basic functionality and sign printing tools. Upgrade to Color Byte RIP Pro 8 to add white ink and ink overcoat options alongside a complete front-end graphic design solution for both vector and raster artwork.