Name Badge Fabrication Equipment

GuillotineGuillotine – 3001

This guillotine is rugged enough to cut both plastics and metals. Be sure to purchase the appropriate blade for each type of substrate you are going to fabricate. Unlike most other guillotines/shears that only cut from one axis point on either end, the 3001 model cuts evenly across from two axis points.

Code Description
EQ-300113" (330mm) Guillotine Shear
EQ-3001 Blade Set13" (330mm) Blade Set - (specify plastic or metal)

Die Bases, Corner Rounds, Holds and SlotsDie Bases, Corner Rounds, Holds and Slots

This Die Base is very flexible, allowing the change over of many different dies including: Corner rounds, slot punch, holes, and decorative corners. Handles up to .062" material. Need a die that's not listed? Contact DCS for pricing and availability.

Code Description
EQ-CORNER TABLECorner Table for Corner Round Dies
EQ-DIES - 1/4RND1/4" (6mm) Corner Round Die
EQ-DIES - 1/8RND1/8" (3mm) Corner Round Die
EQ-DIES - 1/2RND1/2" (13mm) Corner Round Die
EQ-DIES - 3/8RND3/8" (10mm) Corner Round Die
EQ-DIES - 1/8SLT1/8" x 9/16" (3mm x 14mm) Slot for ID Straps and Luggage Tags
EQ-DIES - 3/16HLE3/16" (5mm) Hole Die for Key Rings, etc.
EQ-102Hand-Held Luggage Tag Punch - for .030" (0.8mm) only